How To Play Dragon Tiger – Tips To Always Win

How to Play Dragon Tiger
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How to play Dragon Tiger is not too difficult. However, to be able to earn money from this game. It’s not simply placing a bet and waiting for luck and victory. At least you need to understand the rules and how to play. And then you need more experience and smart playing tips to be able to make money easily from this game.

Understand customer psychology. Because Dragon Tiger is a pretty good and attractive game. Today at 188JILI we will teach you how to play Dragon Tiger and share with you tips to always win. Please join us to watch.

What is Dragon Tiger?

What is Dragon Tiger?
What is Dragon Tiger?

Perhaps this is an indispensable game for those who are passionate about green nine live casino games. With a simple way to play, you just need to choose a door and bet on it. The higher the Dragon or Tiger score, that side will win. Whether or not you can win a lot depends partly on your luck and observation skills when deciding to bet.

This is a pretty hot game at this house. Players can not only make a lot of money here. In addition, you can also interact or watch the sexy and seductive card dealers. Helps you have deep inspiration and great entertainment.

How to Play Dragon Tiger and How to Calculate Points

To be able to easily play this game. First you need to clearly understand the rules and scoring method of this game. Below we will guide you how to calculate points and how to play Dragon Tiger in the most detailed and easy to understand way. So you can quickly become a master in this game.

How to calculate points in the game Dragon Tiger

How to calculate points in the game Dragon Tiger
How to calculate points in the game Dragon Tiger

To distinguish between winning and losing. First, you need to clearly understand which door has the higher score, that door will win. Points will be calculated as follows:

The score is calculated by the total value of the 3 cards added together. 9 points will be the highest. Over 9 and above will be calculated by the final total of that deck. For example, 11 will count as 1.

The cards J, Q, K will be counted as 10 points

An A will be counted as 1 point

And the fourth cards from 2 to 10 will be counted with points equivalent to the number of that card. For example, card number 8 will be counted as 8 points.

In case the two sides have equal points, it will be considered a draw. And whoever chooses a draw will win. The Dragon side and the Tiger side both lost.

The simplest and most detailed way to play Dragon Tiger

First, you will choose 1 of 3 bets: Dragon, Tiger, or draw. If which side’s score is the highest, that side will win the bet. If both sides have equal points, the tie will win.

The odds and payouts for regular Dragon and Tiger bets will be 1:1.15 and the payout odds for a draw will be 1:10. That means you bet 100k on Dragon or Tiger. You will receive 115k if you win the dragon or tiger door. And you will receive 1 million for the winning draw.

Tips for Playing Dragon Tiger Always Win

Tips for Playing Dragon Tiger Always Win
Tips for Playing Dragon Tiger Always Win

How to play Dragon Tiger is quite simple. However, to be able to easily and always win from bookmaker M88. You need tips and playing experience. Here are some pretty good tips for playing Dragon Tiger, introduced by an anonymous player. Please refer to it together.

Win fast, win fast

One of the best ways to play Dragon Tiger. Betting quickly and then resting quickly is a very useful tip. Because the harder you play with the house, the greater your chances of losing. Because the house’s capital is very large. Please quickly place a few bets when you are lucky or have calculated properly. Then take a break and play again the next day.

Only bet on Dragon

According to analysis by experts, the Dragon gate has a higher return rate than the Tiger gate. And the way to type whole chi in 1 door is also a tip from experts. If you bet on a single Dragon bet, it will also help you multiply your capital very quickly.

You should not bet on Draw

A draw, also known as a tie, is a very difficult door to win and the win rate is not high. You should not bet on this door, it is very difficult to win. If you are wondering which bet to choose, stop playing. Absolutely do not bet on a draw.

Know when to stop

It’s quite important that you stop at the right time. If you bet too much and don’t win after 10 bets, stop. Rest and play tomorrow. Don’t be stubborn and fight it out. Because the more you win back, the more you lose. And when you are black, your mind will not think correctly and you will not be able to bet correctly. Decisions can easily go wrong.


Above is an article sharing how to play Dragon Tiger and tips to win absolutely. We at 188JILI Casino hope with these shares. You will easily win and learn more experience playing this game. Finally, I wish you good luck and much success.

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